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Basic Guide to Weapon Crafting

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PostSubject: Basic Guide to Weapon Crafting   Tue 30 Jun 2009, 12:59

Basic Guide to Weapon Crafting
Credits: Neophyte28
Ok guys I will make this as clear as possible. Don't be put off by the length of this guide... although it will take you even longer to gather the required stuff than it will to read through this.

Right so... deep breath...

First off speak to the fishing hole merchant and choose to port to the crafting studio. Seek out the NPC called Colek

This is where you choose what type of material you want to gather. Minerals = the ingredients for weapon and armour crafting, gems = enhancement crafting and plants = magic tool crafting. You want to make sure you set your gathering job to match the crafting profession you'd like to take of course. If you make a mistake you'll have to shell out 1,000,000 crone to change it... ouch. For the purpose of this guide, making your first weapon, we want to take mineral gathering of course.

When you choose this profession the first quest will open up and this is something you must do to progress. You will be asked to collect 10 novice minerals which are "in the vicinity of this village". That's a bit misleading, I did 2 full laps of the fishing hole before I realised I was being made a mug of. Speak to the craft studio gatekeeper or port out to a town. Within the local area of the town (where all the level 1 mobs reside) you'll find the novice minerals scattered about. They look like this.

Double click the mineral and your toon will walk over and wave about while a progress bar fills up.

When this is complete the mineral will be left on the floor waiting for you to pick it up like any other item. Once you have collected 10 return to Colek to complete the quest and recieve a rank E gathering pick. Equip this on your character and it will appear on your gathering tab in the character info window. I think you need to have this equipped to gather Grade E minerals. Once equipped it is bound to your character and cannot be traded or sold, only binned once you get an upgraded gathering pick.

Before you go gathering I recommend you complete the next step of setting up your producing profession. Seek out the NPC Kacie.

You should choose the weapon crafting job of course (you could choose armour as that uses the same raw materials, minerals, as weapons but for the purpose of this guide we'll continue with weapons.

After selecting the weapon job you'll have to leave the craft studio and come back (slight bug there). Speak to Kacie to activate the weapon craft quest which just consists of speaking to a couple of NPCs. The reward you get is a weapon blueprint which you can't open for the time being but nonetheless keep it for future use.

Now let's get a few pieces of equipment which aren't necessary but will help. They're not that expensive so most of you should be alright. Seek out Panda, artisan supplies shop and Link, craftsman supplies. Buy the remaining 3 gathering clothes (remember to make sure you buy the relevant ones and a full set of the production clothing (again remembering to check you're buying the correct ones.

Also buy the following items now for the crafting process later: 1x Hammer, 1x Enchanted Whetstone, 1x Sandpaper, 1x Tools and 3x Melting Stone. These are in the special supplies tab from either of the 2 merchants. You also need to buy yourself a weapon blueprint (you can only buy the ones from Link right now). Because it's what I produced I'll be going with the basic sword, I'm not sure if the ingredient requirements are different for the other weapons.

Double click your new blueprint and it will be permanently added as a craftable item in your blueprints section. To view it go to your character info, Production tab and click on Blueprints in the bottom left.

The window that comes up will look like this.

Click on the weapon icon to see the list of all opened blueprints of that weapon type. Of course we just have the 1 for now. Click the Blueprint (Craftsman Sword I) and select confirm. This will bring up a window of the ingredient requirements for this blueprint.

From this you can see what you already have and what you need. A yellow figure denotes that you have enough, red means you're short.

Ok it's time to go and farm those minerals if you still have the will to live. Search all around the maps that the main towns are in (Via Marea, Kai'non etc). What we need is 3x 10 lots of a mineral. This could be 20 Cronium + 10 Panadium, 10 of 3 different minerals or even 30 of the same type. We just have to have 3 lots of 10. Check your mini-map, if a mineral is close you should see a big yellow dot.

Artrium, Sedrium, Panadium, Cronium and Cadmium are the 5 different types of mineral found in the field. Just like what you did with the novice mineral, walk up to it, do the wavy thing and pick up the spoils. Now we don't just need those 3x 10 base minerals, we also need 4 of another mineral called Astantine. This can only be found randomly when you gather your mineral. About 5-10% of gatherings at this level seem to produce an Astantine mineral drop alongside your standard mineral. Even if you gather the required base minerals you must carry on collecting until you find all 4 Astantines.

Once you have completed that it's time to return to the craft studio but make a detour via your treasury and pick up a unique/ancient weapon or 2 you don't mind sacrificing. We still need another 2 kinds of item to complete our ingredients list. These are Grade E Crystal and Grade E Extraction Option Stone.

Att: You can use clothing too, Froianne and Enchanted Froianne makes Grade E Crystal, Pluion Grade D.

Remember the extraction pulverizer near the entrance? This is where you sacrifice a unique/ancient weapon or 2. The 1st u/a weapon in the forge table (i.e. Sword of Haillok/Fluke's Faith) will pulverize into Grade E Crystals, 2ns u/a will make Grade E and D, 3rd u/a will make E, D and C and so on... The only way to get Extraction Option Stones is if your pulverized weapon has been forged with option items. This is where those useless Silva options will really become useful.

What you need after pulverizing is 10 Grade E Crystals and 4 Grade E Extraction Option Stones. Once you have these in your inventory it's time to go and see Lakins the mineral processor.

You need to create an ingot from each batch of 10 minerals you collected so ultimately you will have 3 mineral ingots. You need to select the appropriate ingot that matches the minerals you have in your inventory i.e. if you have 10 Grade E Panadium minerals you want to create a Grade E Panadium Ingot.

When you select confirm you will be presented with the ingredients window and providing you selected the correct ingot and you bought the Melting Stones earlier, you should have the correct ingredients to create the ingot. Select start processing and a progress bar will appear and after 10 seconds you'll get a success. Now I'm not sure if there's a chance to fail here but out of 6 processes they all succeeded for me.

Once you've created the 3 ingots you should have all of your raw ingredients for the craft.

10x Grade E Crystal
3x Grade E Ingot
4x Astantine mineral
4x Grade E Extraction Option Stone

Now head towards one of the anvils for weapon crafting. Right click and choose to review weapon blueprint. You should be presented with the same screen as before where you view your accumulated blueprints. Select the sword blueprint (or whatever weapon you're choosing to create) but before you hit confirm read this next section carefully.

During the 45 second crafting process something called an unexpected outcome may occur.

During that time you have 3 seconds to click on the correct 1 of the 4 reagents to continue the crafting process. You do have to be quick and the only way of knowing the correct icon to press is by carefully matching the icon in the unexpected outcome window to the correct crafting anomaly reagent. This basic sword will only encounter a single unexpected outcome during the forge but because it could be any of the 4 fixes you need, this is why I said to buy 1 of each of the 4 items.

While forging the progress bar will rise while it says success, drop while it says fail. You will always create a weapon but the quality of it will differ between low, medium, high or perfect. I believe the quality of the weapon decides how many spirit stone slots it has and not its stats.

Apart from the unexpected outcome thingy, I believe that you will always successfully create a weapon. The real success/fail comes when using enhancement stones on it but I haven't reached that stage yet.

Unfortunately the only way to make really high level weapons is to forge squillions of low level weapons and level up your producing ability. Along with your producing ability you need to level up your gathering ability otherwise you won't be able to gather the correct grade minerals to produce the higher grade weapons.

Maybe it helps you !
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Basic Guide to Weapon Crafting

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