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Build Dekan Vit

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PostSubject: Build Dekan Vit   Thu 09 Jul 2009, 09:58

What's a pure vit DK all about?

High HP, High DEF, HIGH Damage output of ForeFootSwing skill (single target)

In parties, you are primarily a tanker. In PVPs, you are definitely owning. Especially in 1v1's.

This is the offensive type if compared to DS. FFS spamming is the goal.


Pure VIT.

FFS main skill natin pang kill. This skill never misses. Damage will depend on you max HP.
Kahit lvl75+ mobs di tayo gaano nag mimiss kahit walang dex. Di rin ganon ka baba damage naten sa monsters. Pero kung sa PVP, useless n tlga STR. Sayang lng stat pts.


1 element imbue (choose 1, dont put more than 1 skill point)
1 Taunt
5 Dragon's Power
5 Forefoot Swing
1 Dragon's Tail (optional, 1 or 5)
5 Zhen counter
5 Health Funnel
5 Dragon's Skin
1 Health to Mana

5 Karma (optional, u may choose any of the 1st skills, i want this because the other 2 are useless, especially zhen mastery, we're vit type, this resu skill is very useful)
5 Crit immune
2 Extricate
5 evolve
5 suction
5 Penetrate
5 Toxic Potion
5 Dark Spell

(these are the important skills for the 2nd job, you can choose where to put your other skill pts. All else are useless for our type anyway)

Primary ipa lvl7 ang FFS at Evolve.
Kung kaya, ipa 7 din : Crit immune, Toxic Potion, Penetrate, Health Funnel


Bakit 1 lng sa element?
Kasi sagabal lng sa mana. At di yan gagana pag naka evolve.
Bakit walang Sepa?
Di toh nagana in Evolve form. And duh, VIT type po tayo.
Bakit max Zhen counter?
Super dami mo skill pts. Lagay mo n jan pra malakas AOE mo. Ok toh pang kuha ng mobs.
Bakit max Dragon's skin?
Pedeng hindi muna, pero later on, isagad mo. Lakas nito lalo pag nadumog. Kelangan tlga.
Bakit 1 lang Health to Mana?
High HP tayo, isang cast lng nyan puno na mana. And may mana pots naman, wag kuripot.
Kaya ba talaga ng FFS lang pang kill?
YES! Definitely. Read below:

When I was level70, i attained an HP of 34k. Click here.
3.1k damage ng FFS sa players. 1 to 3 hits lang lahat ng ka level(except same job naten)
Tapos gamitin mo pa yung disable skills ng DK.

Mahirap ipa level sa umpisa yes,
Pero kung party system naman, same lng exp sa lahat.

For the combo, walang defined and fixed order.
It's pretty obvious anyways.
Sleep pang pa-cooldown ng FFS. Pag lapit na ma dedz toxic pots. Or pde rin sa start pa lang. And stun of course.
You'll learn instinctively, auto na yan pag tumagal..


Debuffable ang evolve, and very long cooldown.

Low Damage output sa mobs (pero as i said, party system naman eh)

High priced ang equips (vit accs, Health% zhens, HP enchanted armors, lvl3 pet bear)

OBS : Galera não sei muito Inglês ae vo fica devendo a tradução, tambem não intendo muito de Dekan mais me pareceu ser um guia bem detalhado.
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PostSubject: Re: Build Dekan Vit   Thu 09 Jul 2009, 21:00

Na opinião de vcs, qual deve ser a 1a skill a ser aumentada pra L6 e/ou L7?
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Build Dekan Vit

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