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Guia Dex Guardian

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PostSubject: Guia Dex Guardian   Thu 09 Jul 2009, 10:21

Enchanted Armor of Edwin w/ 103-108 Physical Defense. (I used Prot of Marea for the opt. stone)

Homer's Will
Crit+ 12%

Level 2 Power Tiger.


So done with the introduction of my characters info... Some of the guides have Power LVLing and Grinding areas from level 1 - 99... It's not appropriate to post it here, because not all players can easily afford good items in order for them to train in advanced areas. I'll just focus on the skills / Build / Pros and Cons of Dex Guard...

Knight Skills

Divinity 5: Why divinity? I believe it's much better to kill a certain monster, In Players? well ALL element skills only adds 200-400 Damage per crit.

Taunt 1: ......

Rising Might 0: You don't need this since your damage is based on your Dexterity.

Protection 7: Adds 21% in Armor Defense, very useful buff specially if you don't have enough defense pn your armors.

Psychic Crash 0: ......

Sharpen Blade 1: Requirement to get Invoke.

Bless Shield 7: It adds 10% boost in your block rate.

Crash Above 0: ....

Invoke 7: One of the Important buff, this buff will be the basis for your Crit Damage.

Charge 7: This skill is part of your combo skill.

Shield Push 1: Just in case you need to run away... tongue.gif

Blessing 0: ....

Assault Crash 0: .....

Change Mind 0: You don't need this skill, you need a lot of Mana to make a combo

Done with the Knight Skills, You'll see some blank descriptions... I don't have to explain it anymore...

Guardian Skills:

Sword Master 0: Only applicable for STR Guardian.

Aimed Blow 0: Only applicable for STR Guardian.

Physical Blow 7: Dex Guard is more on Dex Stats, So this is one of the important Buff for dex G.

Taunt Roar 1: Useful for party LvLing and it's a requirement to get the buff below it.

Rush 7: Very useful during PvP/ PvE, this skill is your setter or starter.

War Cry 7: Why??? Very useful if you're fighting against STR type.

Crazy Strength 7: It's optional, I just raised it to 7 to buff other players. laugh.gif

Final Crash 1: It's a requirement to get Order Swing.

Crazy Standing 7: For fast killing during PvP/ PvE, 150% ASPD = GG.

Blue Drain 1: Requirement to get Critical Aura.

Order Swing 7: Very useful during PvP/ PvE, specially when attacking VIT type and Stoned skin players. Every attack will stack hit after hit. The highest OS i've seen is 9996 almost 10,000 Critical to Human and 42,000 to Monsters(Boss)

Heavy Weapon 7: Useful debuff against ASPD based players.

Critical Aura 7: This is a requirement for Dex Guardians, We based our damage in our critical percentage.

Roha's Blessing 7: Important Skill specially during PvP/ PvE. Stun/ Sleep / Root will be useless.

Knight Symbol 0: Applicable for STR Guardians.

Stone Skin 7: Very important buff specially during PvP/PvE and Boss Hunt. All physical damage will be useless for 40 Seconds.

Build / Pros/ Cons / Suggestions:

For me, I prefer this build since that Dex Guardian is build for FAST KILLING.

Vit+ 100
The rest of the stats, pump it all in your Dex.

Dex Guardian has low hp, weak against magic based monster/ player.

But still, Dex guardian is very useful in PK Party or Solo PK, In order to kill fast, I highly suggest that you have at least 8-10% Critical % in your weapon, 11-15% is better. I also suggest that you craft/buy high p.def armors/shield with at least 100-110 p.def for Edwin set and 130-140 p.def for Bedron, If you're going to enchant it, I suggest you use Prot of Marea to increase your HP.


For Range:

Rush >>>
Order Swing (Hit him for 4 -5 seconds) >>>
Charge >>>
Crazy Standing.

For Melee:

Charge (I suggest that you use this 1st, since Rush has the longer period of 8 seconds to disable your opponent.) >>>
Order Swing (It's your chance to stack your damage, in 6 seconds you can hit your opponent at least 5-8 times.) >>>
Rush (It's time to finish your opponent, use this to paralyze your enemy for 8 seconds) >>>
Crazy Standing (8 seconds of stun + Stack damage + Crazy standing, 150% boost in your ASPD = Ownage)

To make it simple... Rush >> OS >>> CS >> Charge... Works all the time... tongue.gif

But if they get ahead of you... You have Shield Push / Stone Skin / Roha's Blessing to survive and have the time to restart your combo.

Well that's all, I'm almost done crafting my Bedron armor and planning to reset my stats and boost all of it in my Dex.

Obs: Mais um guia ae galera espero que ajude.
Ps: Que dagger que e essa perfeita
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Guia Dex Guardian

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