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Int Dekan Guide

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PostSubject: Int Dekan Guide   Thu 09 Jul 2009, 10:44

This is a guide for int dekans... i know some may say that breath is bugged, but this guide will explain how breath will still give enough damage even with the present bug

stat build
skill build
my current equips
debuffed dragon form
-edit notes


this is a pure int guide so definitely stats would be all int all the way, u will put all skill points on int from lvl 1 -99

why pure not 3:1 int vit?
the answer is damage decreasing buffs + mana guard will give you enough toughness while maxing out damage output because of the high int

critical immunity + impenetrable will allow u to take damage even with low hp since damage received would be low, when not in dragon mode, u have mana guard, cast it and after its gone, u already have dragon mode

pre level 50 skill distribution
1)get any elemental imbue, it really doesnt matter coz u will just use until u get evolve, after that u stay in evolve as long as possible
2)taunt (requirement)
3)get health to mana (lvl 1, we will max it later)
4) get mana to health (lvl 1, max it later)
5) max breath asap
6) max drain asap
7) max dragons power
8)max health to mana and mana to health
9)get dragons skin (impt when stunned, cast it, 0 damage while stunned ; mas it later though 1 pt only)

at lvl 50 ur skills should be:
1 elem imbue
1 taunt
5 dragons power
5 health to mana
5 mana to health
5 breath
5 drain
1 dragons skin

this would most likely allow u to 2 hit monsters, because of this, u would only need 2 skills to level, this is mainly breaht and health drain, the low cooldown of these skills would allow you to spam them and not need any other attack skills

since you would be squishy at this pt, u need quick heals, health funnel would be of no use because of the cast time, u would be dead before u cast it since u have uber low hp, max mana to health and it would be useful to quickly recover hp with no cast time

pre level 64
1) job change then just get blue def 1 pt ( u will max this later, dont argue about getting zhen mastery, u will not be using zhens for this build, i will discuss it later)
2)crit immune (lvl 1 first, max it later)
3)now max mana guard ( u will be less squishy, super useful skill)
4) max evolve
5) get suction 1
6) max rapid lock ( this will play a major part in your damage output, discussed later)
7) 1 dragons mantle
Cool 1 splitter
9) max impenetrable ( another usefull skill, at this lvl, u will become as hard as a rock even with pure vit, good thing here is it adds to pdef and mdef)
10) max moving shadow (speed is of the essence in this build, discussed later)
11) max death flow (spammable stun, 15 sec cd, 5 sec stun, nc)

at 64 skills should be
1 blue def
1 crit immune
5 mana guard
5 evolve
1 suction
5 rapid lock
1 dragons mantle
5 moving shadow
1 splitter
5 death flow
5 impenetrable

lvl 78 reaching the potential
1)go back to dragon fighter tree, max dragon skin ( super useful, once u are in stunned status, u will not receive any damage, this is the reason why u get extricate lvl 1 only)
2) get extricate 1
3) max crit immune ( crits hurt a lot at these lvls, pvp, get it -500 to crit damgae)
4) max blue def ( -25 damage is a lot when ur talking about a close match)

79 onwards
priority is to max dragons wing, so that u can ran away and chase enemies
also max dragons skin if u want, but i think lvl 3 is ok already
then u can put pts to anything u want, FFS would be good or full blown attack

PVE, u can almost 2 hit any monster of the same lvl so no worries, just buff everything, evolve then 2 hit everything
because of impenetrable u will be tough in pve, damage will not hurt that much, cast mana guard when mobbed...

this is the tricky part ur breath hurts, since u go pure int, though it is bugged, since u are pure int, the damage would hurt ur opponent, breath - drain - stun(deathflow) - then hit hard

hitting hard would mean using rapidlock, during the stun, u would like to get as much crits possible (use moving shadow to increase attack spd and thus more crits) and spam breath and drain.......... ( how to maximize crits would rely on weapon choice, discussed later)

but it would not really be as easy as this in real pvp, u have to use ur buff skills to counter attacks of ur opponents,
cast mana guard when half life, this would buy you some more time since you would receive almost no damage ( high int, high amount of damage to be absorbed)
dont forget your dragons skin, buff it when stunned,this will buy more time for you, but keep in mnd, dragon skin has a 90 sec cd while stuns normally have 30 secs, so use dragon skin wisely, use it if the stun will almost kill u or if the opponent uses stun to prevent u from potting, dont jsut use and use dragon skin whenever stunned
masimize the use of ur barrier skills (mana guard and dragon skin) use wisely

basically thats it, u have to really think fast and use the proper buffs to counter ur opponents strategies while executing your killer routine...

the build relies on breath drain and rapid lock as an offensive weapon while mana guard as defensive....
all of which rely on int

accessories, pump up int, or get int vit equips

in this kind of build u would have to use 2 weapons
dagger - main weapon (fast attack speed more crits)
zhen - stunner ( u cant stun while holding a dagger)

for your daggers, you should prioritize on crit rate, unique daggers with crit options
then for stats: prioritize high int, then magic attack
*this would allow you to get high DPS because of crits, moving shadow + dagger = lightning fast attack ( more crits)
*because it has high int or matk, breath and drain will have higher damage

for your zhen, you should prioritize on str or melee attack
this would maximize the damage dealt with ur death flow
*although this is not ur main damage weapon/ skill ( merely a stunner) it is still advisable to maximize damage on this
*sayang kung d maximize damage

another scenario(pra sa mga bagohan sa weapon switching this is easier but less versatile and flexible)
ur dagger would have all int options +crit (for rapid lock)
ur zhen would have all matk options + mobility (for breath and drain damage)

what u would do for pvp is use zhen first, cast stun and breath then drain, change weapon to dagger then moving shadow, and hit away, repeat....

**why is it easier, coz once u cast all skills u will be in zhen and switch while in cooldown then zhen once CD is over
** why is is less flexible and versatile, coz u cant be casting skills while in dagger, dagger would be for hitting only, but some scenarios would require u to hit then cast then hit then cast coz skills have diff cooldowns.... also it is better to hit with skills followed by a hit (maybe a crit when in dagger mode) rather than cast skills then hit with zhen w/o crit coz u havent changed ur weap yet

if u can, get mdef and pdef armors, if not try getting high pdef armors, ur int will help boost ur mdef anyways
on another note, get armors enchanted with hp, it will help a lot since u have low hp..

there are 4 pets one can use for int dekans
dragon-basically it will add a few more damage, the higher your lvl the higher its damage, but u have to sacrifice crit and atkspeed

tiger- the best pet for me, it has crit attack additional and crit defense as well, crit immune is not enough since the comvengeancetion is different, does not subtract crit immune to crit damage received but rather crit damage without pdef... so an addtl crit def is ok

hawk- adds attack speed, but since its the same price as the tiger, the tiger is better bcoz it has a defnsive side

mock duck- not an IM pet, good since no need for HP and it adds 20 to all stats, but u have to sacrifice crit and attk speed

molly- good effects, but havent really tried it since it hase yet to be released, but i think it adds hp and heals the user for 3000 life i think but can only be used once per summon, something like that, but again u will sacrifice crit and atk speed which is impt for the build

why not use these:
bear- no hp = no hp added; less hp = less hp added

**crit is bettr, atk spd nxt...... THESE ARE THE IMPT STATS OF THE BUILD

due to rants about dragon being debuffed and useless, i will include a strategy to counter being debuffed in dragon mode
there are 6 ways to counter being debuffed

I. Buff dragon mode after debuff
this is basically lure the enemy by launching successive breaths and drain damage while in normal mode, also stun and use moving shadow, hit hard, this way the person will think that u dont have dragon form to buff
by doing so, u trick ur opponent into debuffing u coz u still hit hard with crits
*take note, u need crit daggers and hp enchanted weapons to stand the beating before changing to dragon
after debuffed, buff dragon and buff mana guard then buff up again....

II. Buff dragon then mana guard when reverted to normal mode
same strategy in pvp, but when reverted, go buff mana guard, this will help u buy time, while in mana guard, go back to a safe place, far from the opponent, and wait till dragon form is up

III. Buff mana guard first, decoy
just like number 1, buff mana guard, then attack, by then u are receiving 0 damage, pushing ur opponent to debuff you to get rid of the barrier, when debuffed, go dragon mode...
*not applicable to wiz(i dunno if wiz or warlock) coz they have break barrier

IV. buff overload
get buffed by other people, over buff urself, even if the buffs arent needed, get buffed by it, this will allow u to avoid (with luck) getting ur dragon form debuffed

V. get in a party
be in a party in pk situations, this helps coz their skill will help u survive, as well as u helping them as well

VI. and the last resort is...
get ur int super high up, get good equips (as mentioned above) stun the opponent first, then try killing him before the stun is over, uber high int and equips will pulverize ur opponent asap


THERE ARE OTHER WAYS, JUST THINK THINK THINK dont be like a box of guild stones, think...

when in a party, get buffed almight, brain blow, int blow, etc.... increase int, increase damage

timing is of the essence, proper timing of buffs would allow u to buy time

maximize breath drain and rapid lock

although breath is currently bugged, pure int will still deal massive damage at high lvls....

irohan high lvl int DS 6k-8k breath damage in pvp

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Mensagens : 24
Data de inscrição : 2009-07-06

PostSubject: Re: Int Dekan Guide   Thu 09 Jul 2009, 10:44

FAQ (frequently asked questions)
do i have to add dex?
u dont really have to add dex, adding up to dex means less int and less damage, and besides u rarely do normal attacks, u just do normal attacks to wait for ur CD of skills (the CD of ur skills are low max 15 secs and the quickest is 8 secs) u do skill spam and normal attacks just to add a few more damage, and if ur in a pvp, ur normally full buffed or in a party full buffed.... u wont really rely on normal attacks much

do i have to add vit?
having base vits or adding vits will really remove damage from u, maybe a 50 vit is just a small part to take away from int but when full buffed the damage difference would be multiplied giving a great disaparity, well its really up to u to add vit or not, but take note, the more vit u have the less damage u will have compared to pure ints, also a lot of dekans with vit will have to add skill pts to FFS, that is because they have to add damage since their breath will not hurt that much, FFS is panghabol damage, and if u add pts to FFS, this build will finish in lvl 82 or 83......
normally 50 vit does not need FFS but more vit will require u to add FFS in ur arsenal.....
this build rely on int so much that 1 int is already an advantage and a lot of damage added to ur attack...

do i have to add psyche?
definitely no! get health to mana, then thats it... no psyche pls

y get mana to health and not health funnel?
u can get funnel later w/ xtra skill pts but for now m2h is better, m2h is better since u have low hp, having low hp means hf heals less, although m2h will heal about 50-100 less than hf at ur current low life, its still better because of the low cd and 0 cast time, the heal per time of m2h is greater than the heal per time of hf.....

will this build own a _____?
a lot of questions regarding this build owns another build or another class, as said in the guide its all about timing and strategy, unlike other builds who have their weakness for a certain class, an int dekan has none because its already weak meaning its rare and only a few know how to use one...... being an int dekan will rely on strategy and timing, analysis kailangan, u cant just hit hit hit or castcast cast, u need to think quick for different situations, the DS class is a versatile class, they have defensive buffs as well as offensive ones, they have buffs to counter a lot of situations and using them at the righ situation is essential for winning in a match

what do i do when i get debuffed?
i have posted that on the strategy part.... if u get debuffed, just try to stay alive while evolve is in cd.... if u want to attack u still can just cast mana guard and rapid lock all the way and remember to spam ur skills

when do i max other skills?
just finish this build and do whatever u like after, u will have a lot of xtra skill pts... hehehe

i want to be hard and more defensive?
craft good armors and get buffed, then ur good to go, if thats not enough then this build is not for u, this is a dmage build

can i 1 hit in pvp?
at my current lvl (lvl 65) i can 1 hit pure pure str pure agi dhans lvl 72..... this is full buffed, at full buffed ur damage output can 1 hit, it will really depend on ur items, boost int and that will do the job, boost int and u increase the chance that u can 1 hit

will i be able to reach 9k hp?
u need to get around 100 vit to be able to get 9k++ hp at lvl 99
all int all the way will get you roughly 7k+ to 8k i think

do i have to have 100 or so base vit or just go all int?
well the answer would be depends on your playing style, base vit means ul have more def and more hp, around 2k (min) more than a pure int, but a pure int means ul have imba mana guard...
its like this
pure int = 1 min of no damage coz of imba mana guard, siguro kahit ff ka nila kaya mo coz of high int
base vit = after 1 min of mana guard more survivability because of more hp
pure int = more 1 hitting capabilities especially when fully buffed
base vit = can still 1 hit but lesser chance than a pure int
pure int = u have to really be in proper timing to be able to survive
base vit = medyo mas hindi ka stressed sicne u have more def and hp
so its up to you.. feel free to modify your builds

what is the breath bug?
all rohan versions, irohan prohan, excpt japan rohan has te breath bug
in pve, breath deals massive amounts of damage, but still it deals less damage than the supposed description that is 700% of matk.... this is the only bug in pve but it is a nonfctor since the dmage differnce is minimal.
however, there is a pvp bug, breath is a magic atack, and magic attack damge is reduced by mdef, but in pvp, breath isreduced by pdef instead of mdef but it is still a magic attack, this is the bug, also damge, which is usualy 1/3 of pve damage, is 1/6 only in pvp when it comes to breath....
but needless to say, im very much comfortable with the bug, since being fully buffed negates these problems, buffed with almight int blow and brain blow, breath is the highest spike damages in the game, its an attack that can 1 hit characters, now for me its ok for ynk to fix the mdef-pdef problem in breath but people would not want to remove the 1/6 bug damage since it would then mean imba dmage....
so with or without the bug, breath is one of the highest spike damages n the game.

when do i get matk over int option?
1 int = 3 matk, a low lvls a high int item would mean greater matk, since ur matk is only low, but once u reach high levels, ur matk would also increase, bcoz of the great matk, a matk option would mean higher matk increase, int option can only go upto around 200 i think, and thats just 600 more matk, but at just 5k mtk, a 40% matk would increase 2k more matk.... but of course daggers should have int options since ul b using it for critting while ur skill weapon would be mtk at high lvls...

why dagger with crit?
coz of rapid lock, more crits = more damage, even with low damage since using daggers, ul have more attack speed, more hits means more chances of critting and more crits will over DPS high damage zhens cumulatively or over time
zhen= 100 pvp damage per hit
dagger = 50 pvp damage per hit
for 10 secs, a zhen hit 10x at around 1000 damage and would only crit once
for 10 secs, a dagger can hit at 25x 1250 damage and would crit at maybe 3-5 times
now u can see that a dagger will have greater damage sinceur crits at 500 int would be around 400....
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Int Dekan Guide

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