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Pet Guide and Mock Duck Quests

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PostSubject: Pet Guide and Mock Duck Quests   Fri 03 Jul 2009, 06:42

Pet Guide

Credits: Verena

OK, I’m doing this guide to clarify (or try to) all aspects about pets at Rohan: Blood Feud.

First of all, all classes can have a pet, and you can believe me, they make your life much more easy ! I won’t link a class to a pet, you can form your own ideas. All pets have their own abilities, and they must be fed.

The amount of feed allows them to level up, they can be level 1, 2 or 3, each level make their skills improve. When you buy it, theres no feed. To reach level 2 you must fed them 1000 times, and to reach level 3, 2000 times (feed frequency). All of them can eat Organic Food, and their specific food. Organic Food will leave them fed for 30 minutes and will give them 1 point to level up, each specific food will give them 2 points to level up and 1 hour of feed. They will ask for food, and just when they ask you can fed them.

You can still buy Special Pet Food from Item Mall, they are a stack of 10, each special food will nurture them 20 points to level up and last 1 hour.

Never EVER forget to feed them, if they get starved three times they’ll die, then or you revive them with a Pet Revival Ticket from Item Mall, or you discard, or you can sell at Exchange Market as a Dead Pet. They will warn you when became hungry and starved and their effects will disappear as long as they stay starved.

All kind of regular food Pet Merchants sell.

They can be fed only when they are hungry by opening the pets stats using that house icon at your vertical bar right of your screen. You just have to hold the food and drop it into the square, click confirm and pay attention if the fed succeed, because sometimes you misclick the button or for some reason they’re not fed, you must redo the hold and drop thing.

You can summon your mount after you summon your pet, their effects will overlap.

There are 3 pets that you can buy from pet merchants in-game in any town. They are:

Angel Bunny

L1 = For 5 minutes, bunny will remember a location and you are able to transport back to it using him + 10% weight
L2 = For 10 minutes + 20% weight
L3 = For 20 minutes + 30% weight
(Locations can be lost by : logging out, character change, owners death, or time runs out)

Food: Crunchy Carrot, Organic Food.

They are very usefull when you are doing a repeatable quest, you can summon it by double clicking on icon, and see its status by opening the icon with a home at you vertical bar, right of screen. First of all press remember, so he can remember the location, then you use your regular portal stone to deliver the quest, and when finished you press move at pet’s info on house icon again, and there you are, the same location as before. Now you can release them by pressing the release button or you can keep them open to level it.

Honey Bear

L1 = 10% increase in HP + 10% weight
L2 = 20% increase in HP + 20% weight
L3 = 30% increase in HP + 30% weight

Food: Sweet Honey, Organic Food

Soft Kahto

L1 = 10% increase in speed + 10% weight
L2 = 20% increase in speed + 20% weight
L3 = 30% increase in speed + 30% weight

Food: Fresh Fish, Organic Food

You can buy pets from Item Mall too, they are:


L1 = 5% chance of negating damage, heal HP and MP by 3,000 + 10% weight
L2 = 10% chance of negating damage, heal HP and MP by 5,000 + 20% weight
L3 = 15% chance of negating damage, heal HP and MP by 9,000 + 30% weight

You may use the heal function every 2 minutes. In order to activate Auto Heal, the player must have less than 20% HP.

Food: Love Drop, Organic Food.

Golden Monkey

L1 = Three specified categories of items to pick up + 10% weight
L2 = Seven categories of items + 20% weight
L3 = All kinds of items + 30% weight

Food: Fresh Banana, Organic Food

Brave Dragon

L1 = attack power 400% of your level + your regular damage + 10% weight
L2 = attack power 500% of your level + your regular damage + 20% weight
L3 = attack power 700% of your level + your regular damage + 30% weight

Food: Source of Origin, Organic Food

Power Tiger

L1 = Critical rate + 1% resistance to criticals + 10% + 10% weight
L2 = Critical rate + 2% resistance to criticals + 20% + 20% weight
L3 = Critical rate + 3% resistance to criticals + 30% + 30% weight

Food: Fresh Meat, Organic Food

Speedy Hawk

L1 = 5% increase in attack speed, -0.5 sec skill cast time (if the default cast time is at least 3 seconds) +10% weight
L2 = 10% increase in attack speed, -1 sec skill cast time (if the default cast time is at least 3 seconds) + 20% weight
L3 = 15% increase in attack speed, -1.5 sec skill cast time (if the default cast time is at least 3 seconds) + 30% weight
Food: Meaty Insect + Organic Food.

Special Pet

Mock Duck

L1 = +10 to all status + 10% weight *
L2 = +20 to all status + 20% weight *
L3 = +30 to all status + 30% weight *
* It’s NOT 10, 20, 30%, its 10, 20, 30 points.

Food: Tasty Grain, Organic Food

This pet is really difficult to get, you must enter the Mock Duck Hot Springs, north of Varylon, using a Mock Duck Ticket, which is sold only on Item Mall (stacks of 5). Once you disconnect, or leave the dungeon you cannot come back unless you use another ticket. Inside the Dungeon there are four quests to obtain medals. The quests can be made according to your level, all of them with the same NPC. Inside the dungeon resides lots of mobs, lvl 30, 50 and 70. So, if you can use AoE’s it will be nice, if you have a seal to increase your drop rate it will be better, and if you have a Golden Monkey pet to pick stuff from ground, piece of cake… There are 3 rooms, according mobs lvl, each room has a Boss, so if you cannot deal with them (they are strong) stay away, if you die and no one can res you, its 1 ticket less to enter the dungeon.


Duck Feathers (lvl 30), collect 100 feathers to trade for 2 medals.
Duck Eggs (lvl 50), collect 100 Eggs to trade for 4 medals.
Empty Bottles (lvl 70), collect 100 Bottles to trade for 7 medals.
Mock Duck Pouch (all lvl 30+) – trade 20 medals for 1 Mock Duck Pouch

Once you get 20 medals you can pick the 4th quest which is Mock Duck Pouch, then you’ll receive a Pouch, when you double click it a random award window like the one from fishing hole will appear, you can win a lot of prizes, from guild stones, bags that you can trade for money (100k, 500k), and random stuff like potions, if you were VERY lucky, you can win a Duck Pet !! So if you made the quest once, and really want a duck, you must redo the quest that reachs your level several times, or you can sell the pouches and buy one Duck pet from Exchange Market. But pay attention, those Duck Eggs they sell on Exchange Market wont give you a duck, its all boolshit, they are only part of the quest.

You can style your pet and put some nice accessories on it by buying one Pet Styling Ticket from Item Mall.

If there’s something wrong, please feel free to reply.
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Pet Guide and Mock Duck Quests

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